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Africlips is a marketplace specifically tailored for African
artist and creatives to sell their orginal and high quality video footage.

This is the marketplace created by africans for the african creative to thrive

African content are rare and often misrepresented. Africlips is a platform built to showcase and sell authentic and high quality african footage shot by creatives from africa. It’s serves to become a marketplace for african videographers to both create and get rewarded

What we're looking for

All around the world, there’s an increasing demand for original african content.
These includes african locations, cities, people, religion, activities and more.
There are so many talented videographers here on the continent who are willingto paint the africa we know, in a real but yet aesthetically pleasing way.
Whatever your video speciality, Africlip has got the market for you.
Paint the africa you love and turn your creativity into cash.